Busy As A Bee

In a never ending city, I feel like my schedule continues to get busier and busier. More responsibility at work, new assignments in the classroom, and more social opportunities than I am used to. This week at work got so busy that I went into work at 7:45 a.m. one morning. Although it made for a long day, it also made for a very productive one. I have become much more integrated into the work force and it’s giving me the experience of a lifetime. I am getting the opportunity to draft press releases, pitch events to reporters, learn the ins and outs of Twitter and Facebook, and much more. I am looking forward to this upcoming week because another intern and I get to have lunch with one of the VP’s of the Public Relations department at the firm. It is a new program that our internship coordinators set up called Lunches with Leaders. Every other week we will get the opportunity to sit down and have lunch with a different VP or executive from the office. In these lunches we can talk about anything we would like. What their work days consist of, their history in the field, etc. I am looking forward to posting about our first lunch!

This coming week I have my first big assignment due for our political communications course. It is an essay over a specific voting block and how we believe they will be encouraged or discouraged to participate in the 2016 election. I have chose to write about the millennial generation and how they will be encouraged to participate more in the 2016 election. I started my research this weekend and hope to continue drafting throughout the week. Our first draft is due on Thursday and then our final draft is due two to three days after that. The following week we are holding a mock press release and we all blindly chose our topics on Thursday. My topic is discussing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and how they should protect all consumers from unscrupulous practices of predatory financial services providers. I am not very educated about the topic, so I am interested in the research I will find. After I finish my essay, I will begin searching!

As my week was, this weekend was rather busy. Two of the kids in our program had birthday this past week so on Friday we all went out for dinner to a place called Clyde’s. It was fun to get to know the other kids in the program better. Friday evening all of the representatives from our schools came for a conference and Saturday we got to sit down and chat with them all over lunch. That wasn’t the end of the free food chain, though, because Saturday night we got to go to dinner! The representative from Coe, the three students (including myself) on the program, and then an array of alum’s all went to Las Tascas in Chinatown and had some awesome tapas dishes. It was nice to meet new people that shared the love for Coe that all of us had! Today (Sunday) I got to go to dinner with my friend Danny and his brother. Danny’s brother, Ryan, lives here in D.C. and Danny is on his way to Sweden to visit my best friend Courtney! It was nice to catch up with Danny and get to know Ryan. Having another person to keep in contact with is always nice. 

Speaking of having contacts in the area, my aunt Tara’s aunt Dawn lives near here! I think I am going to give her a call this week and hopefully she’ll have a weekend available that we can spend together. Not only do I want to get to know her, but I think some time away from this busy city would be nice. She too went to Coe and was also a Tri Delta! It’s awesome how small of a world it really is. 

I forgot to mention that Friday our class had the opportunity to go to the Newseum. Originally we were supposed to take a trip to Arlington Cemetery, but due to the shutdown we were unable to do so. Some of the information they have in there is unbelievable and it’s all put together so well. I really loved the floor dedicated to JFK. I got to understand his story a little bit better and I think him and his family just have a very interesting and unique story that went through the White House. 

It’s 10 p.m. here in D.C. and unfortunately passed my bedtime. Since I have been here I’ve had to become quite the early riser, so the sooner I’m in bed the better for everyone. I hope everyone enjoys this blog post, hopefully I can get another up within the week. 

Until next time,




My roommate Cassandra and I at the Newseum




The New Media room at the Newseum. They had interactive screens that you could take pictures and play games on. It was really interesting to see how times have evolved in the world of media!






The antenna that was on top of the Twin Towers on 9/11

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2 thoughts on “Busy As A Bee

  1. Hey Brianna! I love reading about your adventures and the life changing experiences you are having in Washington D.C.! I’m sure this all is helping you grow in your personal as well as professional worlds and think it is fantastic you are getting the chance to experience it all!! I look forward to reading more!! Take care! Jen

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