Host For The Weekend

On Thursday, one of my best friends from school took precious time out of nursing school to come and visit me! It was exactly what I needed to keep me going through the rest of the semester. Although she was supposed to fly in late Wednesday night, she got in early enough Thursday morning that we could make the best of the day. I feel terrible that she had to stay at the airport over night, but I like to think it was worth it :) 

I tried to get her as much fun in as we could, but it was nice to just relax and catch up with one another. We started our weekend off at the National Museum of American History. I love museums so this was a great time. It was awesome to see all of the artifacts and learn more about where they came from. Our favorite part of the museum was definitely the styles of the First Ladies and their gowns from the inaugural ball! 

Friday we took the time to walk to some of the monuments. The trip would have lasted longer if it wasn’t so cold and windy! The sun was shining but spent most of the day hidden behind the clouds. So after the Lincoln Memorial we turned around and headed back to the apartment. That evening, though, was filled with something awesome. FOOD! Cait, my roommate Cassandra, and I all went out to a nice dinner at Oceanaire Seafood Room. This wonderful restaurant has been recognized nationally as one of the best seafood restaurants and all three of us can only agree. All of the food we had was phenomenal (of course we tried each others) and the service was great too. I had an asian tuna dish, recommended by the waiter, which I finished every last piece of. Of course we had to perfect the evening with some dessert. When we got home I baked everyone homemade chocolate chip cookie cake and topped it off with some dark chocolate icing and ice cream. Talk about perfection! I thought about taking a picture to display my baking abilities, but the treat was gone before I could do so!

Saturday Cassandra, Cait and I spent the day wandering around Georgetown after a visit to the White House. We walked all the way to the White House (a 2.5 mile walk) just to take some pictures and stare for a little bit. I don’t know why, but I expected it to be so much bigger! It was pretty amazing, not to mention beautiful, but for whatever reason I wished it would have been….more! In Georgetown we took the time to wander around campus, stopping by the bookstore for some souvenirs, and then headed to M Street to do a little shopping. Needless to say, we walked for about 6 hours straight that day! When we got home, it was nice to just sit back and relax for a while. That evening, though, we pampered Cait with some more exciting food by making breakfast for dinner. My roommate Hannah whipped up some homemade chocolate chip pancakes while I cooked some eggs and bacon. We were all so full after dinner, we barely even moved! 

Sunday Cait made it home safe, with no flight delays, and my life went back to normal as I had yoga at 2 followed by a lovely day of homework. This coming Friday our class will be taking a tour of the Capitol, so be on the lookout for pictures and a post of that. Cassandra and I are also spending our Monday morning sitting in on a Supreme Court hearing. We are required to do that (or attend a protest) for class but I am also excited to get a new kind of experience. This option wasn’t as exciting for some of the interns working with Senators or Congressmen, but because I am not dealing with government and politics all day, I am actually kind of excited. So get ready to read all about that too! 

I don’t want to give away too much about this week’s plans, so I’ll leave it at that. Happy (early) Veteran’s Day to those who have served this country in such great honor. Make sure to tell all of the veteran’s you know just how much you appreciate them tomorrow, and every day. 

Until next time,




Cait & I at the Capitol


Cait & I after Oceanaire Seafood Room



My lovely dinner!





The White House



Breakfast for dinner!

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One thought on “Host For The Weekend

  1. Sounds like you had a great time this past week!!! you have seen much more in your 20years soon to be 21 years than I have in 73 years…so happy for you!!!!! keep letting us know what is going on and God Bless…Love you amd miss you a lot!!!

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